2010 Departures: People, Products and Brands We Said Good-Bye To

George Steinbrenner, one of the 2010 Departures
George Steinbrenner, one of the 2010 Departures

While for most of us 2010 was a year of very gradual recovery, there were some moments of great loss. Over the course of the year, we said goodbye to a number of people, brands and products that have been a part of our lives for many years.

Here are 20 departures from 2010 that we'll miss (some more than others):

Air America

For those who believed that talk radio was dominated by conservatives, Air America came as a breath of fresh, liberal air. Its content was decidedly progressive, starring such notables as comedian-turned-senator Al Franken. Apparently, however, liberal-speak didn't pay the bills, and the network went dark in January of 2010.