Rupaul Sells for $2.4M in West Village

RuPaul made a name for himself flamboyantly dressed as a woman, but the renowned drag performer's taste in real estate has proven to be much more, well, conventional. He recently sold his apartment in New York City's West Village for $2.4 million, and at a nice profit, too. The Real Deal's Sarabeth Sanders has the scoop. Click to the jump to read more.

When RuPaul Charles, the drag queen, model, author and reality television host hit it big, he did what many New York City celebrities have done for years: He invested in real estate in the West Village.

"The odds are very high that the cycle of poverty will repeat itself. I knew at least to save what I had and not spend it on flashy crap meant to impress other people... I knew it was safe to invest in real estate that wouldn't depreciate," he wrote in his latest book, "Workin' It: RuPaul's Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style," which came out this year.

Indeed. According to, RuPaul dropped $1.095 million on a 1,490-square-foot unit at the River West Condominium at 296 West 10th Street in 1998, and a deed recorded today shows that he resold that apartment earlier this month for $2.4 million.