Pocket God iPhone game makes its way to Facebook with female Pygmies, brand new powers

Bolt Creative has brought their hit iPhone game Pocket God to Facebook, with an all-new Facebook game of the same name, complete with Facebook exclusive features to give those non-believers a reason to convert. For those unfamiliar with the iPhone game, you're asked simply "What kind of God would you be?" If given the chance, would you be a loving, understanding God, or would you sacrifice all of your followers just to prove a point?

In Pocket God on Facebook, you get to answer that question (more of the latter), by spawning Pygmies and then sacrificing them just as quickly in a variety of zany, clever ways. Pygmies live on islands, and the more you play, the larger the island you will have control over. The larger the island, the more Pygmies it can hold, and the more Pygmies you can sacrifice as a result, completing quests along the way.

Want to see what else makes Pocket God on Facebook tick? Meet us behind the break for all of the details.
After the tutorial, the biggest portion of gameplay in Pocket God will be the sacrificing of Pygmies. You'll do this in a manner of ways, with new powers being available to purchase from the store. To start, you'll be able to pick up Pygmies and drop them into the water, drowning them, or clicking and holding on the bottom of a Pygmy and dragging a trajectory to launch them through a makeshift slingshot mechanic into the sky.

Your first actual powers will be those over Gravity and those over Lightning. You'll need to activate your Gravity power from the menu, at which point you can click and drag in a circular motion to send the entire game world spinning. Your Pygmies will hold onto the ground for dear life (literally), at which point you can click on them to make them lose their grip. As for Lightning, you'll need to replace the lovely white fluffy clouds with dark black menacing clouds, which can also be done through the menu. Afterwards, you can click on the dark cloud and drag your mouse to a Pygmy to turn them into a pile of black dust.

Other powers are available as you play the game, like a tornado that can be summoned when the dark clouds are present, the ability to change the cycles of the moon, the power to bring down a massive hailstorm, and even a silly power that summons a drum, causing your Pygmies to dance.

Why kill all of these Pygmies? For one, you'll need to do so (using a variety of your powers) to complete quests, which reward you with experience points and Sacrifice Points (the game's main currency), but even more so, you'll need to sacrifice these Pygmies in order to simply advance in the game. You have a Devotion Statue on your island that can be turned on with a click. Using Devotion Points (Energy Points), you can sacrifice your Pygmies while the statue is turned on to earn experience points and more Sacrifice Points, which must be spent, one point at a time, to summon new Pygmies.

As you go along, you'll be able to decorate your island with coconut trees, a Venus Fly-trap that eats Pygmies, and cactuses that bear explosive fruits. You can purchase a shark that eats Pygmies in the water, and various Idols that reward you with more points per sacrifice.

The entire game is a cycle of death and rebirth for your poor Pygmies, just like in the iPhone game, but the Facebook version of the game features exclusive powers not found in the iPhone version, along with female Pygmies. In addition, the social elements here allow you to sacrifice your own friends, if you'd like to prove a point or just be a bit naughty.

It should be noted that when you first play the game, Pocket God is one that requires you to allow automatic wall posting in order to actually install the game. This can be turned off however via your Privacy Settings page, if you'd prefer not to see an infinite number of Pocket God related posts appear on your wall without your knowledge.

If you'd like to put these adorable, yet helpless little Pygmies through some amusing deaths, or even put your friends on the proverbial chopping block (all in good fun of course), give this one a try.

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Have you played Pocket God on the iPhone or Facebook? How do you think this Facebook version stands up to the original? Let us know in the comments.
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