O.J. Simpson's Miami Home Controversy


O.J. Simpson may be serving jail time in a Nevada prison, but his Miami home is still stirring up controversy. The surburban Kendall neighborhood's most-famous resident in absentia is ruffling local feathers by collecting the so-called homestead exemption on a house he doesn't occupy full-time. Simpson (pictured left at sentencing in 2008) was convicted in October 2008 of armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy after trying to retrieve some of his sports memorabilia from a dealer at a Las Vegas hotel.

Homestead tax exemptions exist in many states, including Florida, to protect the primary residence of an owner who has lost a spouse from being sold to pay property taxes and/or creditors. Neighbor David Weston began questioning the situation with Simpson's home a while back. "I noticed that the homestead exemption and related property tax reduction was still in place and reported it to the Miami Herald about two years ago with no further thought or action," Weston told AOL Real Estate.