Hotel Says It Regrets $11M Christmas Tree

A hotel in the United Arab Emirates that has been showing off an $11 million Christmas tree now says it regrets the overabundance of holiday cheer.

The lavish Christmas tree, decorated with gold and precious gems, has been drawing criticism for being too over-the-top since it was unveiled Wednesday at the Emirates Palace.

In a statement, Emirates Palace claims the ornaments on the tree are solely owned by one of the hotel jewelers. The trimmings--including gem-studded bows, silver and gold balls, necklaces and watches--are to be returned to the jeweler when the tree is taken down.

"The hotel is just a venue for exhibiting the tree," says Emirates Palace.

The 43-foot faux tree was constructed in the rotunda of the extravagant hotel, which has a vending machine that doles out small gold bars and offers excursions such as a weeklong tour of the Middle East for $1 million.

"Putting the Christmas tree is not a novelty, rather it is a tradition meant to share in celebrating occasions guests hold while they are away from their home countries and families," says a statement released from the hotel.

Management did not say whether or not the hotel will still put in a bid with the Guinness World Records as the world's most expensive Christmas tree.

Photo, Hussein Malla, AP (top).
Photos, AFP/ Getty Images (below).

Check out some of the extravagant ornaments:

$11M Christmas Tree Debuts at Emirates Hotel

$11M Christmas Tree Debuts at Emirates Hotel

$11M Christmas Tree Debuts at Emirates Hotel

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