Fun Stocking Stuffers For Everyone At The Dollar Store

Stocking stuffers for everyone at the dollar store
The last minute scramble is on. Maybe you have one last gift to get or the rest of the Christmas groceries to buy. And then, of course, there are the stockings to stuff. If you're like me, you tend to pick up the odd thing here and there while you're shopping for the bigger gifts, but now it's time to finish the job. There are lots of fun stocking stuffers for everyone at the dollar store. Here's a sampling.

Candy -- It doesn't matter how old you are, candy is still dandy. Large peppermint sticks, small packs of Hersey's kisses or marshmallow snowmen, a tin gingerbread house filled with candy that's also a coin bank, Kinder eggs; there are lots of fun eats for kids and adults alike at the dollar store. And don't forget to add a package of their favorite gum.Fun Socks -- I bought my little niece a pair of Christmas socks featuring red glitter stripes and cats in Santa hats, but even big people enjoy comfy and/or silly socks.

Stuffed Toys -- When my kids were little, I used to like to add a small stuffed toy to the top of their Christmas stockings. Dollar stores have a great assortment of stuffed holiday characters like penguins and Santas or choose a small teddy bear or dog for $1.

Small Toys -- Look for die-cast cars, dolls, puzzles, activity books, coloring books and crayons, sticker books and stickers, mini books, Silly Putty or a can of Play Doh. There are lots of possibilities in a dollar store.

Craft Supplies -- You can get a four-pack of printed pencils with matching erasers for $1, small water color paint sets, mini canvas's, modeling clay, and lots more to satisfy the artist in the family.

Personal Care Items -- A teen girl or mom might appreciate some bath beads, a new hair brush or some nail polish. There are also lots of hair ornaments for all ages and fun costume jewelery, too. You can also get travel-sized hand lotions and deodorants.

Gift cards -- Both Dollar Tree and 99-cent Only Stores have gift cards that you can load up with $5 or $10 and they make perfect stocking stuffers for any age group.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. Her new Christmas e-book will show you how to decorate, entertain and give beautiful gifts using only items from the dollar store.
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