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7 Winners in 7 Days

During AOL Jobs Week - January 24 - 30, 2011

Winner #1: Gretchen Neubauer from Indianapolis, Indiana

Computer: Mac Book Air

Gretchen wrote:

My job is to help people with disabilities find a job. The company I work for is not-for-profit and cannot afford a lap-top, and I do not earn enough to buy one myself. I find that when I am meeting with clients, they need resumes and need help filling out applications on-line. A laptop would be useful for looking up employer information, for completing job applications and for helping clients build their resumes during our visit. I really need one.

Winner #2: Judi Jones from Seattle, Washington

Computer: HP Envy 14

Judi wrote:

How will a new laptop help in my job search and career? Let me explain the ways.

Skill Development - In the past couple of years employers have come to believe that if you haven't worked in a while, your skills are outdated. Although I have used MS Office 2007 and 2010, I have an old computer with MS Office 2003. I have been using Office for 20 years but... (Read the rest of Judi's Entry).

Winner #3: Maribeth Cirigliano-Andolina from Woodside, California

Computer: MacBook Air

Maribeth wrote:

I am a kindergarten teacher, and would love, love, love to have a laptop of my own to use at home, with the option to bring it back and forth to our classroom. My kinder-kids would love to be able to skype kids from other countries; plus, record their kindergarten songs, plays, presentations, poetry readings, visitors, activity centers, play times; gee, actually, ALL their adventures to save throughout the year... (Read the rest of Maribeth's Entry).

Winner #4: Bridgett Hager from St. Louis Missouri

Computer: HP Envy 14

Bridgett wrote:

I am sending this in for my husband. He is a retired police officer in search of a job. With the economy like it is, we cannot survive on his retirement. He has worked very hard all his life to support his family, but he has never taken the time to learn how to enjoy the benefits of a computer. While searching for jobs in today's world he has realized he needs to take some computer classes if he wants to be proficient in the job market.... (Read the rest of Bridgett's Entry).

Winner #5: Matt Shannon from Salt Lake City, Utah

Computer: HP Envy 14

Matt wrote:

I have never owned a computer. I work two part time shifts for a company that contracts with UPS to run operations at the SLC international airport. I must drive many miles to earn $9.50 an hr. Between shifts I regularly only get 2-3 hours of sleep. During daylight hours I look for a full time regular hours job to add to the current job. I am trying very hard to get out of debt and go to school. .... (Read the rest of Matt's Entry).

Winner #6: Marketta Harris from East Cleveland, Ohio

Computer: HP Envy 14

Marketta wrote:

It would mean the world to me, and provide a great source of relief and help, to win a brand new laptop! I've struggled so much these last two years, having been laid off a job that employed me more for more than 14 years and I was expecting at the time. Right now, I am a single mom who attends classes at a nice outreach program that's trying to help me network and find employment. .... (Read the rest of Marketta's Entry).

Winner #7: Gisela Cummings from Kempner, Texas

vimage_3828354Computer: HP Envy 14

Gisela wrote:

I've been pounding the pavement looking for jobs and spending countless hours filling out job applications with no luck so far. I'm in my late 40's having to start over again and needing a job badly to survive, and I found that most jobs are to be found online. .... (Read the rest of Gisela's Entry).

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