FarmVille Mystery Game (12/19/10): Silver and Gold items for all

Tonight's FarmVille update brings with it a slew of silver and gold items, that will surely look great on any user's farm.

Silver and gold, silver and gold - means so much more when I seeeeeeeeee
Silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree

... Ahem, excuse me. I think I got a little carried there - I do love a good Rudolph reference. Now where was I? Oh yes, new silver and gold items have been added to the Mystery Game this week, and we have a full list of what is included here for your browsing pleasure.

As usual, there are six items up for grabs - here's what you can find inside:

Golden Bridge
Silver and Gold Garden
Silver and Gold Mansion
Gold Trellis Swing
Silver Rabbit
Golden Monkey

See? I told you there were enough silver and gold items to go around! If you'd like a chance at adding one, or all of these new decorative items to your farm, you'll have to pay 16 Farm Cash per dart. And you'll need to do so fast - as usual, this Mystery Game will only be around for the rest of the week, when (presumably next Sunday) these items are removed, and another set of six exclusive items is added to the game.

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What do you think of these silver and gold decorations, animals, and buildings? Which one would you most like to add to your farm? Let us know in the comments.

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