FarmVille Mountain Cabin, FV Ornament, Redwood, Turtle Doves, and more now available


A slew of new Winter Holiday buildings and decorations were released to the FarmVille store this evening, as Zynga is apparently looking to add content to the theme right up until Christmas itself rolls around (or even after). In tonight's update, we see a new building being added to the theme, along with six new decorative items.

The new building is the Mountain Cabin, and it costs 30 Farm Cash to add to your farm. This lovely building fits in with the other Winter Holiday buildings that have been added to the game, as it is themed in a rustic way, with evergreen trees at the corners, just as the others are.

As for the decorative items, they are split evenly between those items that cost Farm Cash, and those that go for coins. On the premium side, we have the Redwood tree, a decoration-only tree that costs 4 Farm Cash, the Horse Snowpile (an animated item that shows a Horse playing around in a pile of snow) which costs 12 Farm Cash, and the Turtle Doves, a pair of lovely birds that are perked upon a themed birdhouse - these birds will set you back 18 Farm Cash. Just as the Redwood tree, these Doves are purely decorative, and are not harvestable.

For those who have already spent all of their Farm Cash on other items from this theme, there are three items that are available for coins. The first is the Snowman Family, a lighted decoration that falls in line with the Lighted Train released at the end of November, which costs 200,000 coins. Next is the FV Ornament (which stands for the "FarmVille Ornament"), which is marked with a 2010 marking, making it especially limited, in that we know it won't be released next year. It can be purchased for 20,000 coins. Finally, the Winter Mailbox is a decorated mailbox that costs 10,000 coins.

These items have varying expiration dates, with the Mountain Cabin being available for 14 days, the FV Ornament and the Snowman Family being available for 5 days, and the Horse Snowpile, Turtle Doves, and Winter Mailbox being available for 12 days. Finally, the Redwood will be available longer still, with 21 days left in the store.

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Are you still interested in purchasing Winter Holiday items in FarmVille, or do you already have all of the holiday cheer that you can handle in your game? Let us know in the comments.