FarmVille: Mistletoe Tree and Ornament Tree now available

By this time next week, Christmas will have come and gone for those that celebrate it, but Zynga isn't done offering up holiday decorations for those who are still trying to find some additional holiday spirit. In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of two new Holiday-themed trees, that will be available in the game for the better part of a month - 28 days from this writing, to be exact.

The two trees are the Mistletoe Tree and the Ornament Tree (not to be confused with the re-release of the Ornament Tree I and II from the beginning of the month). Both of these trees are premium, meaning they are only available for Farm Cash. The Mistletoe Tree is the cheaper of the two, costing 5 Farm Cash, while the Ornament Tree (which grows bunches of red, green and ivory ornaments) goes for 15 Farm Cash.

Both trees are masterable, and can be harvested once every two days. You'll earn 150 coins from each tree that you harvest. As for the mastery, the first star of mastery for both trees is reached at 75 harvests.

Remember, if you've yet to find an in-game present for that special FarmVille neighbor in your life, the fact that these are premium items means that they can be purchased and then sent to friends from within the store, by simply clicking the "Send" button associated with the item you want to send. Sure, it's a virtual item, but if your friends are as into the game as we are, we don't think they'd mind.

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Which of these two trees will you add to your farm, or will you splurge on both? Let us know in the comments!

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