FarmVille Greeting Card Contest: Win 1,000 Farm Cash and riches galore!


FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious gave users a sneak peek of this newest contest in the latest official FarmVille podcast, but for those that didn't listen, we now have all of the details on the recently launched FarmVille Winter Holiday Greeting Card Contest for 2010.

This contest calls to all aspiring artists and asks them to create a holiday greeting card that, of course, has FarmVille as its theme. These cards can be created either virtually, through Microsoft Paint, Photoshop or another image creation/editing program, or you can put your real-life artistic skills to good use and draw, paint, or otherwise create your own card in the real world and then photograph it for your entry.

Your entry needs to be posted on the FarmVille forums before December 31 in order to be considered for the many prizes you can win. After this point, the FarmVille team will select the top ten winners. What do you win? Why, only one of the best prizes ever - a whopping 1,000 Farm Cash, 1 million coins, and any limited edition FarmVille item of your choosing (so long as the item is either currently available in the game, or has been previously released - no unreleased items unfortunately).

What are you waiting for? Put those thinking caps on and come up with your own creative ideas that could be worth financial security in the game for weeks or even months to come (or just some shopping spree money - the choice is yours).

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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Will you enter the FarmVille Greeting Card contest? Share some of your creative greeting card ideas with us in the comments! We'd love to hear what you are planning to create!