And The Merriam-Webster Word of The Year is ... 'Austerity'

a dictionary - word of the year is austerityIn honor of the Merriam-Webster dictionary naming "austerity" as its most-referenced "word
of the year"
for 2010 -- it means "enforced or extreme economy" by the way -- WalletPop has compiled a quickie list (with a an assist from of austerity measures to take right now. Getting by with less is never fun, but it's better than not getting by at all. That would be p-o-v-e-r-t-y. Look it up for yourself.

Here are a few hints for trimming your lifestyle fat:

Ditch Your Cable Plan. Shed that $75 albatross and 500 channels of nothing. Save money and create time to actually generate income and have a life.

Sell Your TV and Unnecessary Gadgets. You thought we were going to stop at the cable bill? We didn't say cut off your head. Just get on, Ebay or any other platform and get the cash and the freedom from these insidious attention suckers. Your smartphone is smart enough. Your laptop is, er, lap tip-top, enough.

Cancel Your Gym Membership: Your muscles, your heart and your checkbook will thank you when you say goodbye to Lat and Leotard's Emporium of Buff and embark on a lean and mean program of pushups, walking and taking the stairs. Now get down and give us 20 before you change your mind.

Put Off Unnecessary Home Repairs: Sure, the linoleum on your kitchen floor looks like the bottom of a Paleolithic cave, but you can still walk on it. Make a realistic assessment of what is truly deteriorating to the point of devaluing your home as opposed to what just doesn't look so great right now.

Make a List of "Needs" vs. "Wants": Put the "wants" on hold for now. We didn't say forever. But as we mark the end of this year of austerity and usher in a new year of austerity the sequel, let's get some perspective. Or, rather, let's be pragmatic, p-r-a-g-m-a-t-i-c, meaning "practical." That was Merriam-Webster's No. 2 word of the year.

Now you embody the very definition of austerity.
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