FarmVille Sneak Peek: New Year's Party Dresses, Tuxedos, and other Avatar costumes


With the official confirmation that an apparently large New Year's celebration will be coming to FarmVille before the year's end, it's only fitting that we then come across some leaked FarmVille images of some as-of-now unreleased outfits that may or may not be coming to the game in association with the event. Are these the items that Community Manager Lexilicious hinted at in the latest FarmVille podcast?

All of these items are costume pieces for your in-game avatar, and don't worry - both girl and boy players are represented here. From left to right, we believe the items will be called: Silver Tuxedo, Black Tuxedo, Silver Top Hat, Black Top Hat, Black Tiara, Silver Tiara, Black Party Dress, Green Party Dress, Gold Party Dress, Purple Party Dress, Red Party Dress, Silver Party Dress, Snowman Costume, and Polar Bear Costume.

Sure, the Snowman and Polar Bear costumes seem to be unrelated to the New Year's event, but they are cute new additions that we hope will be released in the game nonetheless.

As usual, we don't know for certain as to whether these items will make actual appearances in the game, or how much they'll cost, so keep that in mind. We'll be sure to let you know, however, when and if they do.

Which of these outfits are you most looking forward to dressing your avatar up in? Let us know in the comments.