FarmVille: Enter the Winter Holiday Decorating Contest for 500 free Farm Cash

Do you consider yourself an artist? A master of Microsoft Paint or Photoshop? Do you have a FarmVille farm that is simply overflowing with holiday cheer? Then why not earn some free Farm Cash and coins for your hard work?

Just like last year, Zynga has launched a Winter Holiday Decorating Contest in FarmVille, that will ask farmers to do their best job at decorating their farms with the massive selection of Winter Holiday items that are now available. Pictures that are submitted to the official FarmVille forums will be judged by the FarmVille team after the submission period ends on December 31.

The top ten winners will be announced on January 3, with those winners walking away with a whopping 500 Farm Cash and 500,000 coins! With the current rate of exchange between real world currency and Farm Cash coins, that's a prize of over $300 in coins, and almost $90 in Farm Cash! Not a bad prize for just decorating your farm, which can be done for free, mind you.

Need some tips on how to win? Zynga has said that they want creativity in your entries. Pictures will be judged on "originality, effort, and presentation," so use your imagination and make your entries count!

[Image credit: FarmVille forums user Flower Farmer]

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