CityVille: Level cap increased to 60, Thank You gifts added, Storage issues resolved


Lately, it seems that not even a few days can go by without Zynga updating CityVille to enhance game performance, add new quests or game features, or all-around make the game a more enjoyable experience for players.

Such is the case today, as Zynga has announced a new set of upgrades and enhancements that have been added to the insanely popular city-building game. First and foremost, for those that were already nearing the level cap of level 50, you'll be happy to learn that Zynga has increased the level cap to 60, for an additional ten levels that you can play through and enjoy. It's presumable that more levels will be added in the future, but this is a nice first step from the developer nonetheless.

In addition, "Thank You" gifts have been added, so that you will now have the option of immediately sending a Thank You gift to friends when you accept gifts from them. The game has also receive an animation performance tweak to make the game run smoother overall.

Other updates include the alteration of the "Animal Gifts" quest, which is now called "Animal Farm," and has been made easier with easier requirements. Finally, Zynga has changed the time that it takes for bonus items (stars, coins, etc.) to drop when collecting from buildings for the better, so it now takes less time for this items to drop, allowing you to more quickly go about your day of running your city.

Some bug fixes have also been announced via the official CityVille forums, which have fixed some Out of Sync issues, and the loss of storage at random when visiting friends. Here's the full list:

What level have you reached in CityVille? Are you happy that the level cap has been raised, or are you still a long way from reaching even level 50? Let us know in the comments.