Cafe World Treats for Kids Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Zynga has teamed up with Save the Children, an organization working to stop childhood hunger, for their latest Catering Order in Cafe World. The Catering Order is called "Treats for Kids," and while you can complete the order without actually taking part in any sort of charity or donation, the game will provide you with an opportunity to donate to cause, along with offering you some pretty nice incentive to do so.

The Catering Order can be found as the very last order currently available in your "Catering Business" Menu. There are five tasks that need to be completed therein (cooking three dishes, and collecting two items), and you'll have three days to complete the order once you start in order to receive the 3-star prize, which includes unlocking access to a brand new recipe.

Want to see how your donation to Save the Children can affect this Catering Order? Meet us behind the break for all of the details.

First and foremost, as we said, you can complete this order without donating anything to charity. However, if you choose to donate, you'll be taken outside of the Cafe World gameplay screen, where you can donate a single $5 gift. In doing so, you'll be given a free, limited edition "Save the Children" trophy, in the shape of the organization's logo, and you'll receive a 'head start" on this Catering Order, as one of the tasks will be completed for you automatically (no mention was made as to which of the five steps that would be - we're hoping it would be the largest).

Either way, the Catering Order can be completed by serving three dishes and collecting two collectibles. The three dishes are the Triple Berry Cheesecake (a 12 hour dish), Chocolate Cream Pie (10 hour dish) and Pumpkin Pie (12 hour dish). You'll need to serve Triple Berry Cheesecake 123 times, while Chocolate Cream Pie and Pumpkin Pie need to be cooked only 54 times.

While you're cooking, you'll need to collect 10 Ribbons and 10 Mini Santas. Both of these are done by clicking on the "Ask" button next to that item and then choosing the individual Cafe World neighbors that you think would be most likely to help you.

You can only bring five other people (by default) into this mission with you, for a total Catering Crew size of six people, including yourself. That being the case, this will probably end up being one of the more difficult orders, so we'd like to remind you that you don't have to accept the order before you start cooking dishes. Your best bet would be to set all of your stoves to cook Triple Berry Cheesecake 12 hours before you'd like to start the Catering Order. Then, you'll have your own head start to finishing the job, as you've saved yourself 12 hours of cooking time.

With a three day time limit for a 3 star rating, 12 hours is a long time indeed. If you can manage it however, you'll receive 3 Catering Points, 2,268 Cafe Points, and 51,030 coins, along with unlocking the new Homemade Almond Toffee recipe. If you can finish within 5 days total, you'll receive 2 stars, 2 Catering Points, 1,620 Cafe Points, and 36,450 coins. Finally, if you simply finish the order at anytime after five days have elapsed, you'll receive a single star, 1 Catering Point, 972 Cafe Points, and 21,870 coins.

Since this catering mission has to do with a real world charitable donation, we'd assume that we won't be around forever (as most events like this in Zynga's games tend to expire after a few weeks). Either way, make sure to start this mission soon if you'd like the best chance of success, and it is likely that the sooner you start, the more likely it will be for your friends to also work on the mission, thus allowing you to coordinate your efforts and stand a chance of finishing within the three day time limit.

What do you think of this Treats for Kids Catering Order? Will you donate $5 to have the job made easier for you, or will you and your friends try and go at it on your own? Let us know in the comments.
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