Teaching No Longer a 'Safe' Career Choice

teaching jobsRemember when jobs at the local post office and teachingused to be considered "safe careers." Your mother probably advised you to go down one of those roads more traveled, and forget the more volatile but glamorous career fields, such as managing a hedge fund or producing shows on Broadway. Well mother, it turns out, was wrong.

The New York City Department of Education has delivered some devastating news in terms of job security in the field of teaching, reports The New York Post. For one thing, tenure will no longer be more-or-less automatic.

Before this, if you worked as a teacher for three years, didn't do anything outrageous, and could control the classroom most of the time, you usually received tenure (a guarantee of a decently paid job with good benefits for life). About 99.6 percent of teachers in the city were tenured. Not anymore!

Now, teachers in the city's school districts will have to receive ratings as an effective teacher over a two-year time frame in order to receive the much coveted tenured status. Your principal will have to officially recommend you for tenure, taking into consideration your students' test scores as well as their feedback. Principals too, will be more under the gun, based on the new system. They'll have to master preparing teacher recommendations in a three-paragraph format.

When Cathie Black takes charge of education early next month, there will probably be more and more hits to job security for public school teachers in New York. Considering current trends, it might be wise to anticipate fewer of those "safe" administrative jobs in the city's public school system.

Here is something for us all to consider: Can you name a category of job that is still considered "secure"?

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