Snap! Silly Bandz Craze Finally Fades: What to Do With All Those Bands

Silly BandzThe Silly Bandz trend is dead -- and not just because USA Todaydeclares it so. I knew it months ago when the cry-fests at home, otherwise known as Silly Bandz counting between my 4-year-old son and 7 year-old daughter, ended as suddenly as Indian Summer. These once-precious commodities -- colorful rubber bands shaped like animals and other things -- began gathering dust on tables, under couches and in planters. I even found a few in my building's lobby, lying on the faux marble like fish that had jumped the bowl.

Instead of tossing the elastic dealybobs into the trash bin of forgotten grade-school fads, I say we parents put them to work. Here are five grown-up uses for Silly Bandz, just in time for the holidays:1. Wrap one or two around your wallet to make it harder for pickpockets to pilfer it. If someone dips into your trousers, you'll feel the friction of the Silly Bandz against the material and your leg, signaling an intruder or really rude subway passenger.

2. As an anti-smoking aid, wear a Silly Bandz like a bracelet and snap it against your wrist whenever you feel the urge to light up. says research indicates that this actually works.

3. Hang 'em like tinsel on the Christmas Tree and kick 'em to the curb along with the lumber on Jan. 2. Remember, they're already dead -- 7 Eleven reported a 97% drop in Silly Bandz sales since May, according to the article. Back then they were generating profits at a rate of $200 million a year.

4. Stretch them around cereal boxes and chip bags to semi-seal the contents. You once paid nearly $5 for 24 Silly Bandz. Now they're not even worth the stale Cheetos you're trying to save.

5. My wife has already begun wrapping them around stray packs of playing cards. Imagine the snickers you'll trigger on poker night.

The kids have forsaken you, Silly Bandz. You belong to us now.
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