Mafia Wars Hustlin' Wit Dre: Everything you need to know

Hustlin' with Dre
Hustlin' with Dre

For those of you looking to get in on what Dre has been dishing out in Mafia Wars--no, not what he's been rapping about lately--you'll have to wait until this weekend. Luckily, the Mafia Wars team is serving all the details now to get you prepared for what's to come. It looks like "Hustlin' Wit Dre" will be a weekend gifting event, but with better rewards all around than most including the chance for a signed copy of Dre's upcoming album titled "Detox" and pair of Beats by Dre headphones.

While not all of the details have been released, this event will likely operate similar to gifting events in the past, slowly releasing each of the three gift items over a few days. This would give us time to master each gift's corresponding item and achieve Gold Mastery. Here are all three gifts and their attached Mastery items:

-Bronze: 29 Attack, 61 Defense
-Silver: 30 Attack, 69 Defense
-Gold: 31 Attack, 77 Defense

Dr.'s Orders:
-Bronze: 61 Attack, 38 Defense
-Silver: 68 Attack, 45 Defense
-Gold: 75 Attack, 50 Defense

Certified Platinum:
-Let Me Ride
-Bronze: 30 Attack, 65 Defense
-Silver: 35 Attack, 72 Defense
-Gold: 41 Attack, 80 Defense

Mastering all three items will reward players with D.R.E., a Grand Mastery item with 140 Attack and 95 Defense. However, it appears that this item will also have three levels of Mastery. According to the Mafia Wars Blog post, Silver Mastery will give players "3x Mastery Item: Detox," which we imagine is the chance to win the singed copy of Dre's "Detox" album. Strangely enough, reaching Gold Mastery will essentially reverse D.R.E.'s stats to 108 Attack and 151 Defense, effectively giving players a choice of what purpose they want the item to serve. Keep your eyes peeled this weekend for when Dr. Dre will be bringing the "Kush" to Mafia Wars.

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