Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) has 4,000 Job Openings

health care jobsIt's no surprise that Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) has had 4,000 openings across the nation, reports Fortune. Like much of the health care industry, HCA has been constantly hiring as of late. HCA ranks 77th on the Fortune 500, and is the largest private operator of health care facilities in the world.

Currently, HCA's biggest demand is for RNs, physical therapists, laboratory workers, technology experts, and specialists in ICU clinical management, systems design, radiology, and prescription medications. Some of these opportunities are entry level. HCA provides clinical training programs for many of their entry level positions.

What HCA is looking for are job applicants who have researched their company and understand its unique position in the ever-changing world of health care. Since many of their openings are in the patient care arena, applicants for those positions should be alert and equipped to react effectively amidst the urgent situations that often arise while working in the health care environment. That means presenting yourself during your interviews as someone who has grace under pressure.

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