Global M&A Hit $2.25 Trillion in 2010


Mergers and acquisitions reached $2.25 trillion worldwide in 2010, and the industry is gearing up for more in 2011.

This was the first year since 2007 that the mergers industry has posted positive growth, Reuters reported. Deals in emerging markets made up a record 17% of the total.

Greater confidence about the global economy and easy financing are helping to fund the expansion.

"The increase in M&A activity in 2011 should exceed that of 2010," said Henrik Aslaksen, global head of M&A at Deutsche Bank (DB).

"There's more confidence, there's ample liquidity, financing costs are attractive, and there's an intense focus amongst corporates to identify growth opportunities," Aslaksen said.

Global M&A grew by 19% in 2010. The figure was 11% for the United States and 5% for Europe, Reuters said.