Galaxy X on Facebook could be social gaming's next space opera

Galaxy X Gameplay
Galaxy X Gameplay

Futuristic tunes, the cranking gears of shuffling mech tanks and massive explosions are the sounds that await you in Galaxy X, StudioEX's space combat social game. In Galaxy X, the interplanetary battle for Earth between its military and the Groob, a race of aliens from the former planet Pluto who seek to destroy the planet and restore their homeworld's honor. Though, instead of doing battle via flashy spacecraft, the Groob and Earth Guard--the name of Earth's intergalactic military--have decided that mechanized tanks would be much better for battle. You'll be able to look past the horrible lack of logic in this decision once you witness the cool factor. (Some things are better left unquestioned.)

Find out if Galaxy X will become your next space opera after the break.

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