Galaxy X on Facebook could be social gaming's next space opera

Galaxy X Gameplay
Futuristic tunes, the cranking gears of shuffling mech tanks and massive explosions are the sounds that await you in Galaxy X, StudioEX's space combat social game. In Galaxy X, the interplanetary battle for Earth between its military and the Groob, a race of aliens from the former planet Pluto who seek to destroy the planet and restore their homeworld's honor. Though, instead of doing battle via flashy spacecraft, the Groob and Earth Guard--the name of Earth's intergalactic military--have decided that mechanized tanks would be much better for battle. You'll be able to look past the horrible lack of logic in this decision once you witness the cool factor. (Some things are better left unquestioned.)

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Unlike most social games, the storyline doesn't end with that brief exposition. It's woven throughout in comedic and--gasp--almost believable dialog in every single-player mission. It's obvious that quite a lot of time was devoted to crafting an engaging exchange between characters with topical jokes and a cohesive plot. While the game doesn't include voice acting, StudioEX took enough care to include sound blurbs to accompany dialog, which gives each character a unique sliver of personality.

But enough gushing over storylines. Even in social games, gameplay is equally as important, and Galaxy X has that in spades. Upon first glance, don't write this game off as a Worms or Wild Ones knock-off. While its style is extremely similar, the combat in Galaxy X is unique because even it is character driven. The controls are simple enough: move left and right with the corresponding arrow keys and aim the trajectory of your weapon likewise. Firing your weapon is as simple as pressing the space bar, but holding it in increases its power and thus launches your projectiles farther. Gaging the correct amount of power to apply in different scenarios takes some practice and finesse, but the game's mandatory tutorial will help you learn the ropes.

World Map
Coming back to what makes combat in Galaxy X unique, each of the game's several characters has one primary and one special weapon, which can be augmented with Gears. These upgrades are available for purchase in the Shop for coins, which you'll accumulate in successful battles. In fact, Gears can customize almost every aspect of your mechanized tank from chassis to shields by improving their effectiveness or granting them new effects like new rounds with different blast radii. While this adds a certain layer of depth to combat--especially mutliplayer, which is conducted through live chat room matchmaking--battles in Galaxy X can go one of two ways. In standard mode, players take turns moving their tanks and taking one shot at each other per turn (item use is unlimited during a turn). But in Dynamic Mode, everything happens in real time. Players maneuver and fire at one another with little time to plan, forcing gut decisions and breakneck reactions. You won't find this in other Worms-style Facebook games.

Overall, the presentation in Galaxy X is top notch, looking as if it were ripped from the instruction manual of a sprite-based console game with music that will you warp you back to the days of Mega Man, Bionic Commando and Metroid. With an exciting story and the cerebral, turn-based multiplayer battles you've come to know and love in games like Wild Ones, Galaxy X could be singing Facebook's next space opera. Well, except with more tanks and witty dialog and less laser pistols, tight pants and space cruisers.

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