FrontierVille Unreleased Cattle Drive Timed Mission: Everything you need to know

Get your cows ready partners! Zynga is apparently looking to add another timed mission to FrontierVille that will require you to not only own a lot of Cows, but to sell them off as well.

The new mission will apparently be called Cattle Drive, if recently discovered information and images are anything to go by. This mission, as of right now, will require you to do the following three tasks within four days of accepting the mission on your account:

Sell 20 Adult Cows
Collect 20 Rodeo Hats
Collect 20 Cattle Drive Bags of Feed

For the two items that you'll need to collect, we're assuming that both can be done by either posting a general item request on your wall, creating a "Give one, Get one" situation in which your friends can give you the item and receive one for themselves in return, or that you'll be able to send out individual gift requests to friends that you think would be most willing to help you. Since there are two different items to collect, it would make sense that there would be one item for each kind of request, but that remains to be seen at this point.

The rewards for finishing this mission within 4 days will be 250 experience points and one Horse. Sure, Horses aren't worth as much now that they've stopped giving out random bunches of 10 energy when groomed or fed, but we guess it can't hurt to have another one around to pull wagons (at least in our imaginations).

Remember, as this mission is, as of yet, unreleased, the requirements and rewards are subject to change at any time. Still, with the warning that you'll need to sell cows, make sure to take this as a warning and stock up before the mission launches!

What do you think of this newest timed mission? With no especially great prizes in sight, will you take the time to complete it once it launches in the game? Let us know in the comments.