FrontierVille Quilting Bee Timed Mission: Everything you need to know

Quilting Bee Timed Mission
Quilting Bee Timed Mission

If amassing enough Toys to overload the Salvation Army wasn't enough for you in FrontierVille, how does a new Timed Mission sound? In "Quilting Bee," players will have four days to get all the necessary materials to make the perfect quilt. And you can probably already guess what that means:

  • Harvest 25 Cotton

  • Have 25 Cloth

  • Get 10 Sewing Needles (request from friends)

Harvesting the Cotton, a crop that costs 600 coins and is ready for harvest in three days, will be somewhat of a set-it-and-forget-it ordeal. That is, unless you forget to harvest it in time. If you're low on Cloth, visit as many friends as possible in the next four days to make sure you have enough to complete the mission. All the while keep pinging your friends for Sewing Needles, though they might be a tad too busy gathering those Toys.

Thankfully, you have until Jan. 11 2011 to accept this Timed Mission, so put it off if you feel a bit overwhelmed already. Completing this mission will reward you the fruit of your labor, a Display Quilt, in addition to 250 XP and a Lunch. And if you notice the small roman numeral next to this mission's icon, this could be just the beginning of your quilting adventures.

Have you started the Quilting Bee mission yet? If so, what tips do you have for success and, if not, why put it off? Speak up in the comments. Add Comment.