Frommer's Photo Contest Results

The winners of the 2010 Frommer's Favorite Travel Moments Photo Contest not only captured photos of once-in-a-lifetime travel moments but had amazing stories to tell. More than 4,000 travelers entered the competition.

Choosing the winners was no easy task, says Frommer's editor Jason Clampet, who combed through the entires along with several coworkers.

"The standard of entries was extremely high and demonstrated the close correlation between a love of travel and photography," observes Clampet.

Clampet says when the group finally narrowed the entries down to the top 40, one image popped up the judges immediately knew just had to be the winner. Check out five of the top photos below, including the first place photo that made the team at Frommer's unanimously conclude: "yup, that's the one!"

The runners up:

Frommer's Photo Contest

Resting bear at Alaska Wildlife Sanctuary outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Photo by Carol Bock.

Frommer's Photo Contest

Diving into waters beneath a waterfall at La Fortuna in Costa Rica. Photo by Sarah Beall.

Frommer's Photo Contest

Reclining Buddha in a cave near Vang Vieng, Laos. Photo by Daniel Klazkin.

Frommer's Photo Contest

Entrance to the treasury building in Petra, Jordan. Photo by Joel Metlen.

The winner:

Frommer's Photo Contest

Diving off the shores of Dominica. Photo by Peter G. Allinson.

For his winning photo of a whale and his friend, Peter G. Allinson won $4,000 and a Tamron zoom lens.
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