Free Shipping Day Today and Every Day

English footballer wears free hugs sign - free shipping dayToday is free shipping day, and while there are more than 1,500 retailers listed on, not all are the real deal with unrestricted free shipping. Founder Luke Knowles says he encourages retailers to do away with restrictions, but it's not always the case. So which are the best free shipping deals, and what can you do if you miss ordering today?According to, there are 1,018 retail sites offering free shipping on everything, without a minimum purchase. There are some big names, even luxury brands, like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Ralph Lauren. American Eagle Outfitters, Borders, Harry & David and LL Bean all have some great last minute gifts and sales to boot. But if you don't get to take advantage of Free Shipping Day, you still might be able to score free shipping.

Many retailers, including Best Buy and Walmart, have been offering free shipping, even free expedited shipping from some retailers like Nieman Marcus, since the holiday shopping season kicked off in November. Check the site, and check it again. Deals cycle in and out quickly as retailers use the Web to react speedily to waning sales and in-store traffic.

Free shipping programs or clubs, can help you out in a pinch. While not exactly free, Amazon Prime and Shoprunner both let you try out the service for free, for one month. You'll have to register a credit card to sign up and opt out of the program before being charged the annual fee, but if you're someone doing a lot of ordering, say a small business, the service may in fact be something you want.

Either way, both will let you take advantage of free expedited shipping for 30 days, but limits you to available sites. "There's a lot of effort to create free shipping clubs," Knowles told WalletPop in an interview. But most of the time you can find a coupon code."

Mike Golden, President of Shoprunner, says his site was founded to compete with Amazon Prime -- both charge a $79 annual fee -- and launched in October with 15 retailer participants, several of them big chains including Borders and Toys R Us. Be careful, not all products at all retailers are available with the shipping service, though each should be clearly marked on the retailers' sites.

And don't forget about the tried and true coupon code. lists free shipping codes all year round.
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