FarmVille Holiday Limited Edition Showcase 3 [Video]


As we told you earlier today, Zynga is preparing another set of Winter Holiday limited edition items that will be released in FarmVille in the near future, and we now have a video from the developer itself to prove it. This is the "Holiday Limited Edition Showcase 3" video (what a mouthful!), and like those that came before it, it shows off a selection of these new items as they will appear once they've been added to one's farm.

In this newest video, we see the Holiday Cat that was released as an iPhone exclusive animal, along with the new Yakut Horse that we told you about earlier this afternoon. There is a horse playing in some snow, along with another item in the "Winter" building set - a true Winter Cabin perhaps? We can also see a Golden Monkey, a set of flying birds (pigeons?) and a lovely golden bridge surrounded by snow-covered trees. But what is easily the cutest item has to be the animated swing, upon which it appears that a pink Pig and a Polar Bear Cub are swinging. Everyone say "Awwww."

As of right now, we have no details as to exactly when these items will be launched in the game, or as to their prices. Some of these items could be released in the new Mystery Game this weekend, or they could be released as premium or coin items in the store - all of that is up in the air right now, but we'll be sure to let you know when more details arise.

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