Employee's Choice: Best Places to Work 2011

Glassdoor.com recently announced their list of the Best Places to Work for 2011. We've profiled the top 10 companies on their list to give you a quick idea of the kind of work each company does as well as what qualities they're looking for from new hires.

1. Facebook

Sector: Internet / Social Media

What they do: Facebook, which is based in Palo Alto, Calif., is one of the world's largest social networking sites. With more than 500 users, as well as thousands of group and fan pages, the site's reach and allure as a marketing and advertising platform is easy to understand.

Requirements: Facebook's career page shows the wide range of job opportunities currently available at the social media giant. Some of the areas represented include software engineering, communications, human resources, and business development.

2. Southwest Airlines

Sector: Airline Industry

What they do: Southwest Airlines is America's fifth largest airline (in terms of fleet size) and the world's most famous low-cost airline. Specializing in short trips connecting small to medium-sized airports, Southwest is the airline of choice for many budget-conscious travelers.

Requirements:Southwest's website demonstrates the incredible diversity of positions available at the airline. Areas of focus within the company include customer service, IT, ground crew, flight crew, and corporate positions.

3. Bain & Company

Sector: Strategy Consulting

What they do: As a leader in strategy and management consulting, Bain & Company is able to aid clients across a variety of consulting needs. According to their corporate website, key areas of focus include mergers and acquisitions, cost and supply chain management and private equity ventures, as well as information technology.

Requirements:Bain & Company is looking for candidates with educational backgrounds ranging from undergraduate and master's degrees to doctorates and juris doctorates. In addition to recent graduates, Bain also seems to target candidates with significant on-the-job consulting experience.

4. General Mills

Sector: Consumer Foods

What they do: As the sixth-largest food company in the world, General Mills owns and maintains many of America's most well known food brands. In addition to their U.S. product lineup, General Mills owns several notable food brands in multiple countries worldwide.

Requirements: Job openings at General Mills stretch across an extremely broad range of skill sets. Blue-collar jobs at the company include specializations in areas such as warehouse management, manufacturing and sanitation. Current job listings also indicate that the company seems to be looking for candidates with engineering backgrounds, as well as those with project management experience.

5. Edelman

Sector: Public Relations

What they do: As a top-rated public relations consultancy with 3,300 employees stretched across 52 offices worldwide, Edelman is in a unique position to help a host of companies worldwide with their PR needs.

Requirements: Many of Edelman's associates seem to come from public relations backgrounds. Their current job listings show a desire for PR professional with a strong background in areas such as social media and analytics. Other beneficial traits include project management experience and fluency in languages besides English.

6. Boston Consulting

Sector: Management Consulting

What they do: With offices around the world, Boston Consulting (BC) provides management consulting services to clients in over 40 countries. One of BC's best-performing products seem to be CEOs. According to Wikipedia, at least 15 former employees of the company have risen to the rank of chief executive. Notable alumni include Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi and Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric.

Requirements: BC seems to hire its consultants from a variety of backgrounds including management, economics, public relations, advertising, and legal. A good number of their associates come to the company with advanced degrees such as business master's and law degrees.

7. SAS Institute

Sector: Business Analytics Software

What they do: The software giant offers a suite of packages used for various customer-relations management and business analytics purposes.

Requirements: Those with experience in software development (especially database programmers) as well as statisticians and data analysts might find a good fit for themselves with a career at SAS.

8. Slalom Consulting

Sector: Business and Technology Consulting

What they do: With offices in major metropolitan areas throughout the country, Slalom is able to offer business consulting solutions tailored to various geographic regions. According to their website, some of Slalom's specialties include business intelligence, cloud computing, project management and Web portal development.

Requirements: Those with backgrounds in the fields of database management, consulting, CRM software, and project management may well feel at home with a career at Slalom. Their multiple regional offices provide consulting opportunities across the country.

9. Overstock.com

Sector: Online Retail

What they do: Best known for liquidating the excess stock of other companies, Overstock also sells new merchandise. In addition to selling directly to consumers, Overstock.com also manages inventory supply for other companies.

Requirements: Overstock has career opportunities available in their corporate offices, as well as in the information technology field and their customer service department.

10. Susquehanna International

Sector: Securities Trading and Technology

What they do: According to the company's website, Susquehanna International Group (SIG) is actively involved in both the trading side of the securities business as well as the development of the software that makes securities, derivatives, and options trading possible. In addition to acting as an institutional brokerage, SIG owns and operates two private equity groups.

Requirements: A background in finance, computer programming, or information technology might mean that a job at SIG would be right up your alley. Many who start with the company come up through their "Assistant Trader Program." Most of those selected for the program do not have previous trading experience.

You've seen the top 10, now see what other jobs made the list starting from No. 11 on GlassDoor.com. Continue to the full list of Best Places to Work 2011 >>

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