Best Honeymoon Destinations

best honeymoon destinations

Choosing the best honeymoon destinations isn't easy. "We live in a beautiful world," as Coldplay sings, and there's a whole lot to see and enjoy with your new spouse. Most of us can't afford a trip around the globe, and only have time and budget to visit one special place on our honeymoons. Make your honeymoon the best honeymoon ever and visit one of these Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations.

1. Best Honeymoon Destinations: Bora Bora

If you want to be somewhere exotic and secluded, Bora Bora may be just what your heart desires. You can stay in a little hut over the water with a glass floor through which you can see fish, and have breakfast brought to you each morning by canoe. They specialize in romance in Bora Bora and have amenities from hiking and fishing to luxurious spa rituals.

2. Best Honeymoon Destinations:Tuscany

Lying in the sun isn't everyone's style. If you want culture and history (and maybe a good helping of wine), consider Tuscany, one of the best honeymoon destinations out there. Even within Tuscany, there's a variety of options. You could stay at a natural thermal spa, a winery, a villa, or in one of the historic cities like Florence or Siena.

3. Best Honeymoon Destinations:Paris

Another urban honeymoon option is Paris, the City of Love. What can we say? The French get romance. You'll find amazing honeymoon packages offered at the better hotels in Paris, as well as art, lights, and plenty of photo opportunities.

4. Best Honeymoon Destinations:The French Riviera

In the French Riviera, the French are even more laid-back. Go during a hot month to experience the glamour, privacy and exclusivity celebrities love. It's every bit as fabulous as it's made out to be. Be sure and spend at least one day out on a yacht, living it up.

5. Best Honeymoon Destinations:Punta Cana

If you like island resorts, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic probably has a perfect spot for you. Click the above to browse what's available in different price ranges -- you won't have to choose between fun water sports (like scuba bikes and parasailing) and relaxing spa amenities; most of the better resorts have access to it all. Furthermore, if you're golfers, this is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations for you.

6. Best Honeymoon Destinations:Bali

Bali is home to a mysterious and warm culture and exciting experiences. You can choose to spend a little or a lot here; you can stay in a superlatively luxurious hotel or go the budget route and get $5 massages on the beach. Either way, bring souvenir money -- the craftsmanship you'll find in the local markets is top-drawer.

7. Best Honeymoon Destinations:Hawaii

You don't have to leave the USA to have an first-class honeymoon. Hawaii is an amazing option -- and bonus: your cell phone and money work there. The time change is favorable; your "jet lag" will simply be that you'll feel like you've slept till noon and it will be hours earlier. There are incredible options here for budgets of all shapes and sizes, and the scenery is unmatchable. No wonder it's a favorite honeymoon destination for the Japanese. They know what's up.

8. Best Honeymoon Destinations:Banff

It has a funny name and it's closeby in Canada, but Banff has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Don't take our word for it, do a Google image search. Gorgeous lakes and majestic pines across a landscape of mountains make Banff one of the best honeymoon destinations, and there are plenty of activities for outdoorsy couples, too.

9. Best Honeymoon Destinations:The Swiss Riviera (pictured)

Arguably the most romantic place in the world, the Swiss Riviera combines the romance of the French influence with unbelievably storybook-like quaint architecture. And then, there's Lake Geneva. One boat ride in this glassy, pure lake, gazing up at the grandeur of the French Alps will stay with you both for a lifetime.

10. Best Honeymoon Destinations: Your Nearest Body of Water

Don't have a lot of cash to spend? That doesn't mean you can't visit one of the best honeymoon destinations. Just get yourself into a bed and breakfast with a view of your nearest body of water and let the serenity wash over you as you let go of your wedding stress -- and fall in love with each other all over again.

Photo by Annie Scott.

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