Today is National Regifting Day

man looks sheepish as he gives a woman a gift - national regifting dayBefore heading out to the mall this weekend, look through the stack of unopened Christmas gifts from last year, because today is National Regifting Day.

Since the third Thursday in December is the most popular day for office holiday parties (the source of many unwanted gifts), it is only fitting that today also addresses the sticky issue of regifting, and reminds would-be shoppers to sift through their unopened presents for possible regifting options.

Of course, it is necessary for regifters to follow the important regifting etiquette rules like re-wrapping the gift and choosing an appropriate recipient, but the act of regifting remains an uncomfortable topic for some people, despite the fact that approximately 60% of Americans believe that the practice is becoming more acceptable, according to a 2007 survey conducted by market research firm, Money Management International.One-in-four Americans view regifting as a way to cut back on holiday spending. What better way to save money on gifts than give away something that you already own? If you don't view the money saving benefit of regifting as a legitimate excuse, consider sustainability as a rationale. Instead of simply throwing away an unwanted gift or letting it clutter up your closet, it can be recycled through regifting or donating it to a charity.

As long as you choose the recipient carefully and give it to someone who will appreciate the gift, there is no reason to feel guilty about passing off a gift to someone else. After all, if Emily Post views regifting as an acceptable practice, then who am I to argue?
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