Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal sets Facebook on fire

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal on Facebook
Robot Unicorn Attack now comes in two flavors on Facebook, and by flavors, I don't mean unicorn SPAM. But since the original's September debut, Adult Swim Games has also launched a Heavy Metal and a Christmas version (iPhone only so far) on its site. But today, finally, Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal has been unleashed upon Facebook.
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal action
While the original Robot Unicorn Attack is a mellow, rainbow-splashed, galloping breeze of pretty pink and purple hues swaddled by a song from an 80s synthpop duo -- the Heavy Metal version is its demonic counterpart, where you blaze across as a fiery red-eyed beast, over a desolate landscape of bone-encrusted bridges, to the song "Battlefield" by a German 80s metal band, Blind Guardian. Though it's not as catchy as Erasure's "Always", the lyrics definitely fit the feel of the revamped game:
It cannot be seen
But there's blood on the green.
Only god knows I'm innocent.
Take me, take me home.
A dark seed reigns in me like the storm rules over the sea.
I challenge thee, do not cross the bridge alone.
Supposedly, the band was inspired by the old Scandinavian legend, Das Hildebrandslied. But in any case, everything else about the Heavy Metal installment plays the same as the original. The keyboard keys 'Z' and 'X' still mean 'Jump' and 'Dash', and the game remains ridiculously popular.

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