Rumor Alert: Is Mafia Wars 2 Zynga's next big Facebook game?

Mafia Wars 2
Mafia Wars 2

Mafia Wars 2 revealed! Check out the trailer here!

Is the above image an extremely early look at the sequel to Mafia Wars? Well, according to TopMafia user Bossy Don, who claims to have anonymous sources in Zynga, yes, it is. Found in a recent Zynga survey, the game will reportedly be titled "Mafia Wars 2: Shadow Nation" and will be far different from the current Mafia Wars in almost every way. Actually, this game looks familiar.

In fact, it looks just like the recent Crime City, a flash-based game that plays a lot like the original Grand Theft Auto games. You know, before they made the move to 3D and became insanely successful? Well, if the comments attached to the original photo are any indication, Mafia Wars fans aren't terribly happy with this new style change. While we're not going to judge too much from a single image, all we hope for is for Zynga to not take ideas from games like Crime City wholesale. Though, that does seem to be Zynga's M.O. these days.

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[Image Credit: TopMafia]

What do you anticipate this potential Mafia Wars sequel will be like? Would you rather Zynga change Mafia Wars completely like the image implies or simply improve on what they've built? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.