Kobe Bryant is making a Facebook game?

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

When Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant isn't on the court, appearing in explosive TV ads or running his own web show he's making... Facebook games? No, your eyes do not deceive you--Kobe Bryant is teaming up with Endemol USA, a production company specializing in entertainment programming and behind his recent web show Dream Makers: Kobe Bryant, to break into the world of Facebook gaming.

Kobe Bryant, who will play a key role in development of the game, says, "I'm excited to partner with Endemol USA and 6waves to bring unprecedented entertainment to gaming fans worldwide."

The game will be published by 6waves, known for recent Facebook hits like Ravenwood Fair and Big Business, and will give players the opportunity to win real prizes like memorabilia signed by Bryant himself and tickets to a Lakers game. According to Endemol, the game may also feature elements from Dream Makers, making what it calls "a ground-breaking multi-media social game." Other than that, details are scarce on how exactly the game will play or what it will be titled. Just know that Kobe Bryant is treading new ground as the first athlete to have a Facebook game be all about him. And would a star like Bryant have it any other way?

[Image Credit: Sports Keeda]

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