FrontierVille and Donate $5 and wrangle a Water Bison

FrontierVille and
Did you know that just $25 can bring one person on the planet clean water for a lifetime? Now, multiply that (roughly) by the 30.5 million FrontierVille players and we could provide fresh, clean water to millions. Zynga is teaming up with, an international non-profit founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, this Christmas to remind us spoiled Americans that a horribly large portion of the world's population doesn't have the same access to amenities we consider commonplace.

And to feel a little less like spoiled brats, you can donate $5 in the form of 50 Facebook Credits to to introduce an adorable, doe-eyed Water Bison to your stable on the homestead. And take comfort in knowing that 100 percent of all proceeds from this charity event will go directly to That is, the nearly 1 billion people that lack what should be a birthright: clean water. And besides, how can you resist those big ole eyes and pink nose?

Will you be nabbing the Water Bison for $5? What other charities do you think Zynga should work on supporting? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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