FrontierVille toys finally available as a free gift

Toys as Gifts
Toys -- we need lots of 'em to fill up that new Toy Factory in FrontierVille. The only way we've been able to get said toys is by begging friends to send them to us via Facebook Wall post, even though we were told that they would also be available to send/ receive as free gifts to/from neighbors.

Just when we were starting to think 'WTF?,' the toys finally make an appearance in Free Gifts area of the game. So now we can start gifting each other with wild abandon -- not to mention ask our friends for Toys via the Toy Factory menu. So that means double the supply of toys coming in. In other words, you'll be well above Scrooge status in no time (and that much closer to wrangling in your own Winter Mare, which you can get in exchange for 500 toys). Now, go forth and spread the love by giving virtual toys to all the girls and boys.

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Do you like the ability to both send and request Toys? What other streamlining would you like to see done for FrontierVille's events and quests? Or perhaps you're not a fan of it at all--either way speak up in the comments. Add Comment.
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