FrontierVille: You can now sell directly from your Inventory, menus now hold your place


Two very appreciated technical adjustments launched in FrontierVille this week, and both of them can be seen in action via your in-game Inventory.

First and foremost, you can now sell items directly from your inventory. Yes, that's right, one feature that users have been clamoring for since the game first launched has finally been added. No longer will you have to open your inventory and manually drag item after item out onto your Homestead, only to sell them in an extra step - you can now click on the small pile of coins next to those items that can be sold, to see a small menu pop up that will confirm that you do in fact want to sell the item.

Via this menu (as seen above), you can choose how many of that particular item you'd like to sell (in cases where you own more than one), and you'll see how many coins you'll receive in return upon selling that quantity. Simply click on the "'Sell" button and voila! Your items will automatically be sold from your inventory, and your coin total will rise accordingly.

While this new convenience is admittedly pretty fantastic, it still doesn't address the issue of leftover quest items, as those items remain "un-sellable" as of this writing. We'll be sure to let you know if that changes.

In the meantime though, another addition to the inventory has also been made, as the game will now automatically keep your position in your Inventory if you use or place an item from your inventory onto your Homestead, or simply close the menu. That is, during the same gameplay session (leaving the game resets this) every time you open up your Inventory window, your position in scrolling through items will be saved. If you have a lot of trees that are on the third page of your inventory, you will be sent directly back to the third page after you place each tree, saving you the hassle of having to scroll through page after page in your inventory just to get back to where you were.

While the place-holding in FrontierVille is very appreciated, we have to say that the ability to sell items directly from your inventory has to be one of the best technical adjustments Zynga has made to the game since launch.

Do you guys agree? Let us know your thoughts on these changes in the comments.