FrontierVille Kwanzaa Kinara and Flashing Tree bring cheer of all kinds

FrontierVille Kwanzaa and Christmas
FrontierVille Kwanzaa and Christmas

Finally, the dancing around the bush has ended. Zynga and FrontierVille have finally decided to address and celebrate the rest of the true holidays this season (the first being Hanukkah, of course): Kwanzaa and Christmas. While most of the recent events in FrontierVille have been mostly Christmas-esque, it's only now that our fellow pioneers can recognize both of the final winter holidays in 2010: Kwanzaa and Christmas.

The new Kwanzaa Kinara is asking for 8,500 coins and 20 Wood while the Flashing Tree is going for a whopping 52 Horseshoes. Now, we're not even going to try to explain the discrepancy in price between these two items, but asking about $6 for a tree with lights on it would be considered absurd by some and outright crazy by others. Anyway, these two items are limited edition, so if you want to celebrate the holidays your way on the homestead, now is the time as both of these festive decorations will be going away in just 22 days.

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