FarmVille: Snow Stallions can now be placed in Stables

If you were one of the many FarmVille players affected by a recent glitch in the game, that caused your Snow Stallion to be left out in the cold, unable to be placed inside the Horse Stable, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has addressed the issue, and has announced a fix for the problem via the game's forums.

The announcement is a small one, and it simply states that "the issue was resolved" in a game update, but we'll take brevity over a longer explanation of why it may not have been possible. Luckily, this now means that those users that were waiting on purchasing a Snow Stallion for 500 presents can do so without the fear of the item being "broken" in any way.

For those that still haven't gotten their hands on a Snow Stallion, you can purchase the Horse (as we mentioned above) for 500 presents after you "overfill" the Holiday Tree's gift meter, which rests at 300 presents. You can also try your hand at the Winter Whimsy gift box, which has been confirmed to hold the Snow Stallion inside, to be given very rarely out to users (who happen to be very lucky).

Did you have any problems with your Snow Stallion in FarmVille? Is your Stallion still stuck outside of the Horse Stable, even though Zynga says they've fixed the issue? Let us know in the comments.