Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash in Yogi Bear promotion

Hey farmers! Want to earn two free Farm Cash in FarmVille, for doing nothing more than a few clicks? Of course you do! That's why Zynga has joined forces with Warner Bros. to offer a new promotion in FarmVille concerning Warner Bros. new film Yogi Bear. I guess we can see the connection here - Yogi Bear lives in nature in Jellystone Park, and FarmVille takes place in nature - sure, it works.

Either way, if you'd like to participate in this new promotion, simply head to the bottom of the FarmVille gameplay area and click on the "Sponsored Link" image as seen at the right side of this post. Note: If you have other Farm Cash promotions that you have not yet participated in, you may not see this newest one until you have completed those, thus "clearing the way" for the new promotion to appear, as it were.

From there, you'll load a new window where you are asked to share your favorite location to have a "pic-a-nic," a nod to the Bear's famous wording of "Picnic." After submitting your answer, you'll know that you've completed the activity and earned your Farm Cash when the top right corner of this new window loads text that tells you outright that you've earned your Farm Cash.

Activity completed, simply close the Yogi Bear window and your FarmVille game should automatically update to reflect your 2 new Farm Cash. However, if it doesn't, a simple refresh of the game should do the trick.

Will you participate in this newest free Farm Cash promotion? How many free Farm Cash have you earned from Zynga giving them away? Share your experiences with us in the comments.