CSI: Crime City Cheats & Tips Walkthrough

csi crime city cheats
CSI: Crime City is an addictive Role Playing Game developed by UBISOFT games for Facebook.

In CSI: Crime City you are a CSI Detective in Las Vegas Nevada working on homicide cases. Play along with your favorite Television show characters such as Captain Jim Brass, Catherine Willows, Dr. Langston, and many more! Search the scene of the crime, analyze clues in your lab, and question witnesses until you solve the case. You can even play along with your Facebook friends and help each other with analyzing data and energy bonuses. Gamezebo's CSI: Crime City strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips, tricks, and hints on how to win.

Getting Started

You can reach CSI: Crime City by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

You must have a current Facebook account to play. If you do not have one you can register for one here: http://www.facebook.com/.

You will be asked to choose a detective to represent you click on the one you wish to use and the game will use your first name in the game.

The game has a tutorial that guides you through the first case which is known as, "Sweet Revenge"

You will begin with $1,000 funding and 120 Energy Maximum Each time you level up in the game you will increase your detective level and the maximum energy you can have will increase as well as earning a full meter of energy and a cash bonus as a level up reward.

You will be shown a cartoon of the case with text bubbles you can read through. Click on a text bubble when you are finished reading it for the next one to show up.

You also have the option of watching the video over again if you need to by clicking on the replay button at the far right of the case button.

Since the game is in Beta there are still many features that are not working but it appears that you will be able to customize your agent with different types of clothing items and you will be able to complete collections for extra funds and energy in the future.

Game Elements

csi crime city cheats
Top of the Game Screen

Here you will see an example of a game screen and its elements are marked and explained in detail below.

Note: The game does not have a full screen mode at this time so the images are divided showing the top of the screen in the first image and the bottom of the screen in the second image.

A. Currency Indicators - Here you can tell how much CSI Funding and UBI Credits you have to purchase items in the game. You also will see a link to purchase more currency if needed.(See game Currency Below for more information.)

B. Energy Meter - This is your energy meter which shows how much you have at any given time. The maximum will change as you level up in the game giving you higher amounts. There is also a countdown clock which shows how much time until you earn 1 energy credit.

C. XP/Level Indicator - This is your XP (Experience Points) and Level indicator. You will see your level (Also your CSI Detective Level) as well as how many XP you have. XP are what help you to reach the next level in the game. You earn XP each time you search an area of a crime scene for clues and when you purchase items to use in the game.

D. Milestone Indicator - Each Case has 4 Milestones you need to reach. Each time you reach a milestone it is because you have earned a certain number of XP and searched a certain percentage of the crime scene. Look here to see how close you are to finishing an investigation. You will also see any item that is being analyzed in the lab under the Milestone indicator with a small meter under it. When the item is ready for you to look at there will be a green check mark under it. Just click on it or the lab to see the report. NOTE - You will see blank squares here when you first start a new crime scene and this will show you how many pieces of evidence you are looking for.

E. Bonus Bar - This meter fills up as you earn bonus items and acts as a multiplier for XP each time you find a piece of evidence or search a trace tile. This bar will also go down over time so if you are waiting for energy to build up the Bonus bar will go down.

F. Crime Scene Grid - This is a crime scene grid. You will be able to click on each square to analyze for clues and evidence. You may need a camera, Luminol, Fingerprint kit and other tools which the game will let you know. You will not be able to proceed until you purchase the correct tools you need. Click on a square to search it.
csi crime city cheats
Bottom of the Game Screen

G. Your on the Scene Tools - These are the tools that you own to search Trace Tiles. These tools will need to be upgraded as you level up.

H. Game Navigation Menu - Here you can navigate around the game screens to reach the lab, crime scene, case files, HQ, Store, and to see gathered Evidence.

I. Neighbor Area - Along the bottom of the game screen you will see people from your friend list that are also playing CSI: Crime City. Click on their image to visit their Crime lab if you need to use one of their machines.

Game Currency

csi crime city cheats
CSI Funding - This is the cash you earn when you obtain a funding bonus when searching for clues at a crime scene. Most items can be purchased with CSI Funding Cash.

UBI Credits - UBI Credits are a secondary currency used to purchase higher end premium items in the game and also to decrease the amount of time for items to process in the lab or to purchase large amounts of Coffee to fill the energy meter which will allow you to power through the game faster without having to wait for the energy meter to refill.

UBI Credits must be purchased with a major credit card and range in price from 5 to 50 dollars in bundles. The currency can be used across the board on all UBISOFT Games on Facebook and the open Web.

Searching for Clues

csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats
As you start to work on a case you will see the detectives at the bottom of the screen with a text bubble. If you see a "!" above a character, click on it to bring up the text bubble. Click on the bubble itself to go through the text.

Once at the crime scene you will notice once you place your cursor over the scene there is a specific area of the screen which is a grid.

When you place your cursor over a square it will highlight and if there is a detail there such as blood you will see the text appear over the square.

Click on the square to search it. You will immediately have energy deducted and you will earn XP and any Boosts that may be in the square such as funding or energy boosts.

Each time you find a significant piece of evidence at the crime scene you will unlock the next crime scene location.

Trace Tiles

csi crime city cheats
You will notice specific tiles have suspicious substances on them such as blood, fibers, fingerprints or other types of material that need to be analyzed with special tools right there at the crime scene.

Trace tiles require more energy to search than regular tiles and if you own the correct tool you will be able to search it

If you upgrade your search tools this will reduce the energy cost for using this tool at the crime scene.


csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats

Each time you click on an area of the crime scene to analyze it you will use energy. You will begin with 120 energy units using varying amounts of energy per click depending on the type of searching you are doing. If you are searching a blood stain which requires Luminol this will require more energy than just looking at an blank area of the crime scene.

Each time you level up the maximum amount of energy you can have increases.

You can see how much energy you have at the top center of the game screen where the meter shows how much you have and also a countdown clock showing how much time you will need to wait to generate 1 energy point.

It takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to generate 1 energy point. (This may change as you reach higher levels in the game)

If you run out of energy you can purchase coffee in the store but it can only be purchased with UBI Credits. You can also wait until a focus challenge arrives so you can win free coffee. (See Focus Challenges below for more information.)

Click on the coffee mug at the bottom right of the screen to access any Coffee you have from purchases or Focus Challenges.


csi crime city cheats
Boosts can be found during your searching for evidence.

Funding Boosts - These give you additional bonus money to spend on equipment and tools.

Energy Boosts - These add energy to your energy meter and also trigger the Focus Challenges which allow you to play a mini game for free coffee. (See Focus Challenges below for more information.

Focus Challenge/Energy Boost Mini Game (Earn Free Coffee)

csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats
As you locate Energy Boosts you will be instantly taken to a Focus Challenge which is a mini game that allows you to earn Coffee to boost your energy levels.

You will have 3 screens in which to quickly choose the 2 matching patterns.

The more matches you make the larger the size Coffee you will win.

This coffee can be claimed by clicking on the coffee mug icon at the bottom right of the screen and then click on "Use" under the coffee size you wish to use

Analyzing Data in the Lab

csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats
All evidence found at crime scenes must be processed in the lab and each type of evidence has a specific type of machine that it must be processed in.

The machines you will need in your lab are: Chemical Analyzer, Ballistics, Light Table, DNA Sequencer, Workbench and Microscope. These will also need to be upgraded once purchased as you level up in the game. The more you upgrade the equipment, the less overall time it will take to process a piece of evidence in it.

Once you find it you will be taken to the lab and will be told what kind of machine is needed.

Purchase the correct machine if you can and if not you will either have to wait until you can afford it, purchase UBI credits to purchase it with, or visit a neighbor to use their lab machines if available.

Once you submit evidence you will have to wait a certain amount of time until the analysis is completed. Each type of evidence takes a different amount of processing time.

You can go back to the crime scene and search for more evidence while you are waiting for the lab to process evidence you have submitted.

You will have to wait until ALL evidence at a crime scene is processed before you unlock the next crime scene.

In the upper right hand corner you will see evidence being processed in the lab with a yellow time bar under it.

When completed you will see a green check mark under the item and can click on the item to see the lab report.

Purchasing Decor/Upgrading Tools and/or Equipment for your Lab

csi crime city cheats
csi crime city cheats
While you are at a crime scene you may be asked to purchase a specific piece of equipment or upgrade one that you already have.

You may be prompted to purchase right then and there or you can click on "Store" and then click on "Equipment" and purchase the item from the CSI Store.

Many items will not be available until you unlock them by reaching certain levels of the game.

Some items can be purchased with CSI Funds and some only with UBI Credits.

Lab Equipment will need to be purchased for certain cases and you will be prompted when it is time to purchase that item.

If you can't afford the equipment yet then try to find a Neighbor that has it unlocked so you can use it.

Some of the categories in the game are marked "Coming Soon" when you click on them. Be sure to check frequently for game upgrades.

You can also purchase items that are simply for decor purposes by clicking on the "Customize" tab in the store and then scrolling down to find all kinds of items such as carpet, clocks, lamps, and other decor items. It is best to purchase these items once you have a few cases solved and have some money saved.

Inviting/Visiting Neighbors

csi crime city cheats
There is a link at the very bottom of the game screen that will allow you to invite friends to play the game.

Once you have a Facebook friend playing the game they automatically appear on your neighbor list in order of rank from lowest to highest score.

To visit a Neighbor simply click on their image and you will be taken to their crime lab.

Here you can use their equipment to analyze data in their "Guest Slots" if you can't yet afford the machine you need to do the job. This will earn you both a bonus and will speed up the time it takes for you to solve a case.

To use your Neighbor's machines click on the one you need and then click on "Guest Spot" You will have to wait the amount of time it takes to analyze the evidence.

Each time you upgrade one of your machines you increase the number of guest slots in it for your Neighbor's to use.

Sending and Receiving Gifts

At this time there is no way to send or receive gifts between neighbors but the developers have stated that this feature will be added in future game updates so be sure to watch for this feature.

Solving Cases

csi crime city cheats
Once you have found every piece of evidence in each crime scene and have had it processed in the lab you can click on "Complete Case" button in the case file folder which will take you to the resolution screen and you will see how the case has been solved and what sentence was given to the guilty parties.


csi crime city cheats
You have completed the basic game play guide for CSI: Crime City by UBISoft Games at Facebook. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more.

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