CityVille: Inventory limit increased, some quests are now easier to complete

Proving that they don't want to let their long-term, or even new fans down, Zynga has released another set of tweaks and alterations for their newest game, the city-building game called CityVille.

Most importantly, the first change sees an increase in each user's maximum inventory from the base of 100 items (this includes all items, from energy and decorative free gifts to Zoning Permits, building materials and so on) to a whopping 250 items of space - that's 150 additional items that you can now store for future use! While it might seem unreasonable for users to have that many items on hand at once, with so many free gifts being passed around, we definitely appreciate the higher cushion. Even if we never reach the 250 item limit ourselves, its nice to not have to worry about running out of room anytime soon.

In addition, some quests have been altered slightly in the game. Starting with the Cinema Investment Quest (which sees you unlocking access to the Cinema in your town - seems to be available to users around level 20 or above, depending on your progress with other quests), you were originally asked to collect 50,000 coins, that would apparently be taken from you once you've collected them. Now, though, the amount of coins has been raised to a whopping 120,000. While this might seem like a negative change, as opposed to a positive, these coins now will not be taken from you. However, you will need 100,000 of those 120,000 coins to purchase the Cinema, so it basically evens itself out.

Other quests, like the "Feed the Fans" and "Restaurant Food" quests have been clarified or made a bit easier by the additions of hints, which is definitely appreciated. Not only that, but more causes of Out of Sync errors have been fixed, and the glitch with bonus goods received from going up a Reputation Level has also been eliminated, ensuring that all users receive the free goods that they deserve after working in friends' cities.

It's just great to see Zynga offering so much support to CityVille, especially so early on. We hope that they continue this dedication in the future, and we'll be sure to let you know how other changes will affect your gameplay experience should they arise.

The changes to the Cinema quest are quite drastic - what do you think of them? Would you rather lose 50,000 coins, than to have to wait even longer to finish the quest, even if it means losing those coins? Let us know in the comments.