American Express Hiring 1,390 New Employees

american express jobsRight now American Express has 1,390 positions open across the nation. But, more importantly, the recruiters at American Express want you to let them know your career goals during the interview. Therefore, if that opening isn't the exact right fit for you, they will consider you for other opportunities, reports Fortune.

Obviously American Express, which ranks No. 88 among the Fortune 500, is on the prowl for talent. How it defines "talent" is as a team player who understands the importance of relationships in business. In other words, American Express rates highly what psychologist Daniel Goleman called high "emotional intelligence." Essentially, high EI means you can process what others -- ranging from your co-workers to customers -- are feeling. To determine where you might be able to make an impact at American Express with your EI, research the company, its corporate culture, accomplishments, marketplace challenges, and competitors.

In terms of current needs, American Express has immediate jobs open for customer service professionals, relationship managers, and research analysts.

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