A Christmas Tale: Lap Dance Club Lou Loses Night, Day Job, But Beats Jail Time


Lou Posner owned and operated a lap dance club in Manhattan at night and practiced law during the day. This busy guy then lost both when police found out that at his Hot Lap Dance Club his dancers were also performing acts of prostitution. They contended Posner had been aware of those goings on. When convicted, the powers that be shut down his night business. Since that was a felony, he automatically lost his law license. That, of course, meant that his day job was also over.

Things could have gotten much worse. Posner, reports the New York Post, also faced up to 15 years in prison. But, he, being a silver-tongued attorney, persuaded the powers that be that losing both his night and day jobs were quite enough punishment. They listened. Perhaps that was part of the Christmas spirit. Posner has been sentenced to five years probation and 60 hours community service.

Because Lou Posner won't be a guest of the state, he will have to find a way to make a living. On a good night at the club, Posner could gross $22,000. This Christmas tale would have been complete had this portly man been able to snag a Santa job.