Polls Indicate Growing Public Support of Tax Package

Three recent surveys suggest that, for the most part, Americans support the tax package approved by the Senate on Wednesday. That plan would extend Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy -- as well as extending unemployment benefits and cutting payroll taxes.

Gallup on Wednesday reported 49% of Americans favored the package, compared to 32% against, with 18% undecided. About 60% of Americans who support the package are following the process "very or somewhat closely," said Gallup, citing its survey of about 1,000 adults, jointly conducted with USA Today.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey also showed a majority Americans favoring the package, while a Pew Research Center poll indicated an almost 3-to-1 margin of support.

And another survey, this one conducted by the Wall Street Journal/NBC News, has indicated strong bipartisan support for the measure.

The package, valued at about $858 billion, was passed by the Senate with a more than a 4-to-1 margin on Wednesday -- but still needs to be ratified by the House of Representatives. Tax cuts have been a point of contention between Obama -- who has been looking to increase the tax rate on capital gains while supporting tax breaks for the middle-class and small businesses --and Republicans, who say ending tax breaks for the wealthy would hamper the country's economic recovery.

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