Mafia Wars introduces Inventory Page revamp with nifty tutorial video


We mobsters have been patiently awaiting the new inventory page in Mafia Wars since it was hinted at a month ago by the Zynga team. Now, we are that much closer with its first unveiling to the public in this short tutorial video provided by Mafia Wars community manager Nate. Detailing all the changes to the Mafia Wars inventory system, Nate even goes through some features to the new inventory that will lead to entirely new features to the game such as informational item categories that will later have more meaning.

While the new inventory page certainly breaks things down more clearly, it seems far more geared toward veteran players than it does newbies or more casual Mafia Wars players like myself. With color-coded breakdowns of active and inactive items as well as better explanations of how these items affect your Attack and Defense statistics in addition to your mafia members, I have a feeling that this new system will go way over the heads of many players. Though, this is the direction the game has been headed in for some time, slowly becoming Zynga's hardcore social game. According to many commenters, the new inventory has yet to go live for them (including myself), but take a look for yourself and decide what crowd the new inventory is meant for.

What do you think of the new inventory in Mafia Wars? Does it help your play style at all or do you Zynga is starting to aim for a different crowd? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.