FarmVille: Zynga gives free Holiday gift to all players!


For the past few days, Zynga had been asking FarmVille players to "Like" the official Zynga Inc. fan page on Facebook. We brought you news of this in the past, as Zynga was promising a free Festive / Holiday Cow to all users, should said fan page reach 1 million likes.

Of course, that total has been reached, and passed, and Zynga has confirmed that we will be receiving the Cow. Now, users that log into FarmVille will receive a very interesting pop-up, as Zynga has released a free present in the game. This is a wrapped present, and we are told we won't be able to open it until Christmas proper - December 25. Could this be the Holiday Cow they promised us?

While that would make the most sense, as the free present ensures that all users are able to have their free cow without any extra work outside of the game, we also wouldn't turn down another free gift, just for playing the game.

When the time comes (or if you'd just like to look at your present early), you can find your gift by heading into your Holiday Tree's menu (click on the and click on "Look Inside") and then click on the Presents tab. This is where you will find all of the wrapped (read: locked) gifts on your account, and this is where you'll be able to go to unwrap them when we get the green light.

We'll be sure to let you know what's inside the wrapped Zynga present, if it turns out to not be the free cow (it may be unlikely, but stranger things have happened).

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If this isn't the Holiday Cow, what do you think it is? What sorts of Holiday goodies would you like Zynga to pass out to users on the 25th? Let us know in the comments.