Curb Appeal Is Still King

house exterior showing curb appealCurb appeal counts: If you're looking to invest some money in your house, look no further than the front door. For the second year in a row, curb appeal projects remain at the top of the list of high-value home improvements, according to just-released data from Remodeling's 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value Report.

In fact, an entry door upgrade is the curb appeal project that returns the most at resale -- and the only one surveyed to recoup its entire cost, at 102 percent payback. Other big returners are a replacement garage door, an upgrade to fiber-cement siding and a wood deck addition.
This year's edition of the annual survey covers 35 exterior and interior improvements, with data on project costs and resale value nationally and by region. As you might expect, home improvement returns overall have taken a hit in recent years, with project costs escalating while home prices have stagnated. This year, for the first time since 2006, the cost of remodeling projects started to come down--but resale values declined even more precipitously.

To read the full survey, visit Cost vs. Value's official site.

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