CityVille: Tower Eats franchise is enormous and expensive

CityVille Tower Eats Franchise
CityVille Tower Eats Franchise

CityVille franchises are a neat aspect of the game, because it's great to have a physical representation in your city of how many businesses you are running in your friend's cities. One of the more daunting franchises in the game is the Tower Eats franchise. Why? Because it costs 800,000 coins to open up a Tower Eats franchise. Yikes.

I spend my money way too quickly in CityVille, so there is no way I'm affording one of these anytime soon. However, after seeing how gigantic the building is, it's making me want to save up! Click on the image to the right to see the Tower Eats franchise when compared with other buildings. It is by far the largest building you can get right now for your city.

Of course, this feat won't come easy. You have to earn a lot of coins to unlock this sucker.

Have you started franchising the Tower Eats building yet? If so, how are you earning coins in order to do it? Tell us in the comments!

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