CityVille Cheats and Tips: Visit Neighbors early and often

First Friend Visit
While we've covered visiting neighbors in passing once or twice in our ongoing series of Cheats and Tips for CityVille, it's only just now that the CityVille team has given us some vital information about how they work. Whether you're a hardcore mayor or just a casual city council member, these tips on how to maximize your bonuses from neighbor visits could potentially launch ahead of your friends in your favorite new Zynga game.

First off, every time you visit a brand new neighbor for the first time you will be rewarded with 100 coins, 3 Energy and 1 XP. Now, that's a pretty hefty bonus just for popping in and welcoming your new friend to the game, don't you think? As you all probably know already visiting friends daily after the fact nets you the standard 50 coins, 1 Energy and 1 XP.

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Old Friend Visit
Visiting a neighbor grants players five actions, marked by lightning bolts on the left hand side of the screen. These actions can be used to help your friend by providing business via tourist buses, chopping their trees, collecting fees from their properties or harvesting their crops. Though, we recommend avoiding that last option altogether--it almost always leads to complaints.

We'll admit it, we lied (at least only a little bit). While the visiting bonuses are available daily, they actually run on a 23-hour clock, meaning that they reactivate every 23 hours instead of 24. For the most hardcore of CityVille players, this will mean the world--but this news won't mean much to us more casual mayors as we actually enjoy sleep. However, here's where things get interesting.

Reputation Hearts
While the visitation bonuses are only available every 23 hours, your five actions will replenish every 12. This means that you can level up your Reputation score ( the meter that replaces your Energy when visiting friends) even more than before--bonus or not. Though you might not see yourself taking advantage of this piece of information, consider this tip. Why not try logging into the game just before you go into work or school and visit all of your friends? Then, by the time you come home, your friends should be ready for some help yet again. Try this out and you might see that Reputation score fill up even faster than your experience level. And if some of you feel that Reputation is a meaningless number, check out what CityVille forum moderator Sugar Monkey has to say about that:
The number of bonuses you can get from neighbor visits also depends on your total reputation, so if your reputation is lower than the number of neighbors you have you will run out of bonuses before you will run out of neighbors to visit.
This means that although bonuses run on a 23-hour timer, they're are governed by your Reputation score as well. For example, if you have a Reputation score of 6 and you have eight neighbors, you will only be able to collect bonuses from six of your friends daily until your Reputation matches the number of friends you have. Basically, increase your Reputation to allow yourself to take advantage of all the bonuses your neighbors have to offer. So, as the game continues, requiring more neighbors for more features, you might want to take advantage of that 12-hour timer to make sure your Reputation matches your popularity.

[Via CityVille Forums]

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