Zombie Party on Facebook: Zombies are coming for your brains, or maybe just your pumpkins

Zombie Party from TipCat Interactive was launched at Facebook at the beginning of December. In the game, the apocalypse has apparently happened, and your city has become infested with armies of the walking dead. You're a survivor, forced to fall back into the safety of your home and fight the undead scourge from within.

With a large variety of both zombies and weaponry, Zombie Party looks to contain enough gameplay for the average player to stay entertained in short bursts. What else does Zombie Party have to offer? Meet us behind the break to find out!
You'll start Zombie Party by creating your avatar, through a character creation system that offers... less than substantial choices for skin and hair colors, to put it politely. Since realistic options seem to be out of the question, you might as well go full tilt in the opposite direction, creating a character with green skin and bright pink hair (like I did - quite satisfying, I must say).

From there, you'll be taken to your very small home, which consists of just 18 squares of real estate (this can be expanded over time). Zombies are shambling around outside, and you'll be left with a series of introductory quests that serve as the game's tutorial. Your home contains machines that can produce new weapons, and you'll also receive items for free just for logging in everyday. As you produce these weapons, your in-game avatar, and those helpers that you hire (more on that in a minute) will automatically attack the zombies outside of your home.

Contrary to what makes sense, the only way to safely kill zombies, at least according to the game, is to place bait items in your lawn that will lure them in. These bait items will slow a zombie down, as they are attracted to the items you placed (different kinds of zombies require different kinds of bait), giving you more time to kill them.

As for adding users to your army, you are given a free "Zombie Friend," and from there, can hire friends to join your army. You can also visit your friends yards and help them out by hovering over zombies and shooting on them when your cursor turns into a target. You can help shoot five zombies on each users' land at a time, and you'll earn coins and building parts in the process.

These buildings parts are used to unlock new technology in the form of both light and heavy weaponry. Light weaponry can consist of slingshots and crossbows, while more heavy artillery comes in the form of banana catapults, stone throwers, and even machine guns or mortars. These weapons must be produced through weapon production machines, and the amount of ammo you'd like will affect how long you'll have to wait for it. For instance, if you want to earn 24 Slingshot pebbles, you'll have to wait just 15 minutes, but for 145 pebbles, the wait is a full day.

As the game contains a large variety of zombie types, there is also an encyclopedia of sorts, that shows you all of the kinds of zombies you've had on your land, what items can be used to lure them in, and any sort of special features they might have (healing, fast moving speed, and so on).

After you've completed the basic tutorial missions, you'll continue to unlock more quests that can be completed, but otherwise, the gameplay doesn't really seem to change. Unless you have a mass amount of ammunition on hand, your workers will stand still, and the zombies will simply shamble in and out of the screen without incident. It's up to you, then, how active you'd like this war against the undead to be, depending on how much ammo you supply your army.

Technically speaking, Zombie Party offers fullscreen gameplay, and the ability to send free gifts to friends. We personally didn't experience any bugs, which is a very positive feature for a game that is so new. All in all, if you'd like to make sure your home can't be overtaken by the zombies, make sure to jump into Zombie Party and start setting up your defenses right away.

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Have you played Zombie Party? What did you think of the game? Do you think there need to be more zombie games on Facebook, and if so, what type of gameplay should they offer?
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